I Was Mentally Incapable Of Looking After My Child

“It soon became very clear I was mentally incapable of looking after my child.”

Sabrina Hill of Kopper Hair Salon and New Hair Revolution bravely opens up about her struggles with depression as a young mum.


Postnatal/Perinatal Depression…

..or PND, is a term used to cover feelings of depression after having a baby. At first many women are tired, feel unsure and are not able to cope when they come home from hospital. This normally passes within a couple of weeks. However, for mothers with postnatal depression, things do not improve:

I was so looking forward to having this baby, and now I feel utterly miserable. What’s the matter with me?
The labour went beautifully – much better than I expected, and everyone’s been marvellous, especially Jim… So why aren’t I over the moon?
I was so afraid that there’d be something wrong with her? Perhaps, I’m not cut out to be a mother?

A Common Complication

These women are not ungrateful or unmotherly: they are experiencing one of the most common complications of childbirth, from which too many women still suffer unnecessarily in silence – Post-Natal Depression.

Puerperal Psychosis

is the most extreme form of postnatal mood change, it is fairly rare, affecting 1 in 500 new mothers. Symptoms are evident within a short time after the birth and include the mother becoming restless, mildly confused and unable to sleep, sufferer loses contact with reality. Medical intervention is vital.

Source PND Ireland

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