Things You Should Know



These cards are predominantly to congratulate parents on the arrival of a new baby and contain pearls of wisdom we wish I had been told when the stork first brought us the smallers!
In short, the cards are honest, witty, realistic and light hearted.

– Designed and Made in Ireland

– Printed on 300gsm Ivory Board

– Includes 127mm x 190mm envelope

Front of card:

Pyjamas ARE acceptable daytime attire.

(There’s no negotiation!)

We have all put a nappy on back to front at some point.

(This is also acceptable!)


“Don’t touch” will be your most used phrase for the next few years.

(And your child may start to think this is their actual name!)


You WILL sleep again.

(Well, sort of)


Inside of card: So be kind to yourself!


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