Truzees Mum Of The Year Awards 2017 Sponsored By Glenisk

Truzees Mum of The Year Award 

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Some of The Mum Brigade stories moved us to tears and all of them left us amazed at their courage and determination to make a difference to the lives of others. This award is dedicated to the brave mums who have shared their stories on Truzees Snapchat.

Nominations are:

Stephanie finally opened up and shared her story of Twin Loss to help others that may have suffered through the loss of a child.  Her bravery was evident as she openly discussed her horrific journey to motherhood and how she lost her little boy Jacob.

  • Sharon Myers of Our Wheely Big Journey

Sharon is a highly energetic and inspirational woman representing the sector for children with disabilities. She is proving to other mums that her sons Noah’s disability will not confine him.

  • Nicole Duggan of My Boy Blue 

Nicole is an inspirational young mum sharing her story and daily struggles with the aim to promote and raise awareness for the autism community.

  • Jennifer Rock of The Skin Nerd 

An inspiring working mum whose motherhood journey began in the teenage years. While Jennifer was young, this did not deter the entrepreneurial spirit that burned inside her.

A bubbly and beautiful lady who you would never guess went through such a traumatic journey to motherhood. Sinead suffered from Thyroid cancer and a ‘broken cervix’ which led to an overall difficult and traumatic pregnancy.


Judges: Sabrina Hill, Angela Mahon, Melissa Bari

The Awards will be hosted in Cork International Hotel on the 13th August 2017 at The Mum Brigade LIVE event.


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