Truzees Launch Press Release

Lorraine Keane Supporting Startups and Set to Launch New Irish Brand:

Where Design Meets Baby Gifts.

Lorraine Keane will officially launch an exciting new Irish brand to the market this month. Speaking ahead of the launch, the broadcaster and mum of two said: “Their products are beautifully designed and I’m looking forward to supporting a new Irish designer in her entrepreneurial journey.”

Truzees is a new brand created by Irish designer Angela Mahon. “I have combined my love of design with the gap in the market for unique, fun and functional parent and baby gift products. I was initially inspired to create the range when I noted the unconventional parenthood milestones through my son’s own journey from baby to toddler.”

Angela found that while there were numerous mechanisms available where a parent could record and celebrate conventional milestones such as their child’s first steps or first word, the somewhat more poignant experiences often go un-promoted and un-celebrated. Such occasions include the time when the toddler scribbles all over your walls with permanent marker or when they first say ‘I love you’. “These moments are as pivotal as the conventional.” Angela said.

Angela also recalls the time when she first spotted a gap in the market for her products and knew she had to take the leap. When she first became a mum, she received a total of six silver frames and an abundance of baby books, most of which were left unused. “The market was oversaturated and buyer options were limited to few items – with customers often reaching for the typical, safe products such as clothes and picture frames. I wanted to create alternative options but more importantly, I wanted to design products that reflected the true process of an individual child’s growth and development from baby to toddler. I wanted to bring some fun and function to the parenthood journey!”

Truzees create a range of pieces from fun and witty novelty items that promote the true to life aspects of parenthood to a range of investment pieces such as their wooden keepsake boxes and kits – a place to cherish those special items such as first scan, first curl, birth certificate and more.

Truzees also endeavors to support Ireland’s largest independent children’s charity by donating a portion of the product sale proceeds to Barnardos.  €1.00 of the retail sales and €2.00 of the online sales for their gift book ‘True To Life Parenthood: The Only Handbook You’ll Need’ will be donated to Barnardos children’s charity to help children in need create better memories.

Truzees will launch on the 26th April in 1 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 from 12 noon to 2.30pm. It’s an open event so if you would like to attend check out Truzees website for further information

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